We take ideas from zero to one

We help companies innovate and develop great ideas through deep understanding and perfect execution – the same approach we take when developing our own ideas and businesses. From zero to one.

Ideas we developed

We focus on fintech, cloud solutions, sports betting, entertainment and media

Premium, natural and evidence-based supplements 🌿

Popular Czech podcast with +1.3m monthly views and listens

17 billion CZK in loan and mortgage leads delivered

How can we help?

We’re a marketing agency for startups and innovation-seeking corporations


Keeping tabs on the latest innovations is essential. New technology can drive growth or destroy your business.

Tomáš Dunovský

Partner & COO


Every day we find at least a million new opportunities. Our job is to identify those that are worth chasing after.

Adam Dunovský

Partner & CEO


We review complex data sets and performances on a daily basis to build better digital products and strategies.

Ondřej Palička

Partner & CPO


Our in-house team of developers has years of experience in building and running apps on a global infrastructure.

Lex de Ruijter

Partner & CTO


Attention is everything. We make sure we deliver messages to your audience at the right time and place.

Ondřej Vácha

Partner & CMO

Design & Video

Content is king. Our in-house video production will inspire your audience and grow your voice on all relevant platforms.

Ondřej Sýkora

Customer Happiness


Spending $1 today to make $2 tomorrow is what we do. We build powerful ad campaigns that get conversions.

Petr Valášek

Head of Campaigns

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We help startups and corporations build digital products and market them. We invest in great opportunities.

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