Developing great ideas

As a business development company and an innovation hub, we take great ideas on a ride from zero to one. We work with investors or with our own capital to develop digital products focused on fintech, marketing, cloud solutions, sports betting, entertainment and media.

Online loan and mortage provider

Kesh is a fintech startup that is helping customers make better financial decisions. The platform was developed in partnership with the largest bank in Czech and focuses on comparing the best deals on financial products. With more than +30k customers and 17 billion CZK in leads delivered, Kesh is one of the market leaders in Czech Republic.

Premium, natural and evidence-based supplements

Aroha was founded in 2019 with the vision to produce premium, evidence-based, clean and natural supplements. 🌿 Aroha was launched after nearly 2 years of extensive preparation, research and product development with essential high quality supplements - Vitamin D3K2, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids and rose hip, and Krill Oil.

Popular Czech podcast with +1.3m monthly views and listens

Brocast is a podcast series of long-form conversations with interesting guests on various topics. Podcast is hosted by brothers Adam and Tomas, co-owners of Via Caroli. The show is available on all podcasting platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify etc. It's also available as a video on YouTube and Televize Seznam. The show boasts over 1.3 million views and listens every month and is rapidly growing.

Cookbooks, 9-week program and online store

Cukrfree is a popular blog, best-selling books about low-carb lifestyle and one of the most influential health brands on the Czech market by Janina D. Černá. The latest book is a short version of the popular 9-week online program that helps people get a rid of sugar addictions. The company also manages a rapidly growing online store with health products such as supplements, healthy food and organic beauty products.

Global content delivery network (CDN) provider

CDNLION is a global content delivery netwrok (CDN) provider delivering content to millions of internet users. It utilizes a network of over 170 data centers on 6 continents. Nominated for Red Herring Europe Top 100 Most Promising Startups in 2016 and 2017. Exited in 2017.

Largest online sports betting community in CZ & SK

Winners Club is a community of people who make money through matched betting. Members have access to dozens of bonuses offered by bookmakers and guides on how to profit from them. The project enables users to stop gambling and start winning.

Online payment processing provider

Allwhere is an online payment processing provider based in the UK. It allows businesses and individuals underserved countries to accept online payments via Stripe, Braintree or Recurly. The gateway accepts popular credit cards and well over 135 currencies.

Platform for online reputation management

Důvěřuj is currently released in private beta to selected customers. It's a platform for monitoring and growth of online reputation through the power of customer review collection and management. Businesses can finally take advantage of word-of-mouth.

Platform for sharing drone photos

Drone Nature is a popular online sharing platform for drone shots. Drone photography is still in its infancy, but every day thousands of travellers and photographers get inspired to join in and capture the most amazing places from a new perspective.

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